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Yannis Daskalantonakis is the major shareholder of the family company Grecotel, the biggest luxury hospitaly chain in Greece. Yannis Daskalantonakis started his long journey in tourism from his birthplace in Rethymno Crete. As the only boy, of a traditional greek family with strong presence in the Greek tourism industry, Yannis has been brought up in his family hotels spending his summer holidays from a very early age covering every possible position in the hotel structure.


Shortly after completing his studies in London he began working in the family company Grecotel. After acquiring and renovating the famous Makedonia Palace in Thessaloniki in 1994, his path has been of constant expansion in new destinations and products.


Yannis served as CEO in FAIAX SA, a company that his family formed together with TUI. Each party owned a 50% and that was the company who bought and operated some of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels such as Corfu Imperial, Olympia Riviera, Mandola Rosa.


In 2002 Yannis was responsible for execution of the Sheraton Sofia acquisition from DAEWOO company. In the scheme that took over the hotel, EFG Eurobank, one of the biggest banks in the Balkan area, was participating as shareholder.


In 2003 Yannis leased from EFG Eurobank the famous hotel  King George Palace. After finalizing the lease the hotel was totally renovated and achieved world famous awards for its exceptional operation. As a member of the Group the leading Hotels of the World the hotel has won the 'Best Hotel of the World' Award for the year 2009.


In 2003 Yannis set up an alliance with Aramark, the major caterer in US, and formed ARAMARK DASKO. This company overtook the project of catering the athletes’ meals during Athens Olympic Games in 2004.


In 2006 Yannis acquired the Metropol Palace disposed by the Serbian state, through the international tender realized by the Serbian State. Metropol Palace is the biggest privatization project of tourism industry ever realized in Serbia.